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 In June of 2011, we opened the first brick and mortar location. Our goal was to establish an unprecedented shopping experience for Muslim women in Philadelphia, PA. Using our educational background of Fashion Industry Management (Bachelors of Science) and the lens of a consumer, we were able to open an upscale Muslim Women's boutique. This was not an easy task, taking it from pen and paper to full fruition. It involved travel to the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia and many sleepless nights. 

Along the way, the gears have shifted but the mission has always stayed the same.

Fast forward 2018, an 1100 square feet studio space is now home for An-Noor: 31. Designed with the same intricate details that will dazzle us all, the new home provides more privacy and has allowed us to introduce  An-Noor: 31’s collection to Muslim women around the world! 

The studio embodies what every woman, Muslim or not, would look for.

An-Noor: 31 provides a complete shopping experience, from the way the garments are tailor made to the way they are hung down to the way your items are packaged.

We strive to be the go to retailer for the Muslim woman from all walks of life. Providing nothing but the best of the best and all that goes along with the traditional attire for the Muslim woman. 

Quality over quantity is what we started with and what we will continue to stand on.


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